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Our “Mission Statement” is to help our clients accumulate and protect wealth. We feel the best way to accomplish that mission is help clients create an efficient financial circle. If your financial circle is losing money, either unknowingly or unnecessarily, you will not have an efficient financial circle. If we can help you find those inefficiencies, we can use them to help you reach your financial goals in both the short and long term.

For more than sixty years, Terrill Financial Group, LLC has grown into a full-service financial consulting firm whose products and services include a wide range of financial tools. From all types of personal insurances (health and disability insurance, term life, whole life, universal life and variable universal life) to the higher level investment opportunities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.).

Our Philosophy


After 60+ years in the financial services business, our philosophy is that we’re in the relationship business, not in the sales business. To build these important relationships, we feel that education is power. We begin with the basics of understanding how financial tools work before discussing where or how to invest.


We want the client to understand a few things first: “How does this tool work now?” and “How can it affect me in the future?”. Next we look at the client’s current financial situation, then we find out where they want to be after a certain period of time.


With this understanding, we map out a financial plan based on the client’s individual situation (no one’s in a cookie-cutter plan). The client then makes the decision on how to set their plan in motion.

Service Is Our Top Priority

Having worked for the head of the securities division of our Grand Rapids office for over two years, Alishia has had exposure to over 25 mutual fund companies that are available through registered representatives. When selecting fund companies, our focus is on the products and services those companies provide.

Companies with long histories and diversification of funds are top on the list, but service is our number one priority and those companies with superior service are the only companies we offer to our clients. What good is a fund if we can’t get top quality service for our clients when they need it?

Lastly, as major changes in lifestyle can occur at any time, we believe annual meetings to review the clients’ situation is a critical piece in the financial planning process. What you have to ask yourself is, “Do I have 4-5 hours to give to my family’s financial future?”

Our Goals Are To Engage Our Clients To:​

  • insure their family against an untimely death, illness or injury

  • enlighten them on their long-term care options because living a long life happens and they need to be prepared

  • educate them on safeguarding their investments and creating a guaranteed income stream that they can never outlive*  

  • empower them to purchase a product from a reputable company with strong financials and excellent industry ratings so they feel safe and secure

  • encourage them to put their financial plan in motion today so they can stop worrying and start dreaming about their future**

*Guarantees based upon the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company

**Guy Terrill is not licensed to offer financial planning

Our Service Guarantee:

We will always treat you like family, return your calls promptly, insure your confidentiality, implement plans that preserve your lifestyle, investments to accomplish your goals, and recommend only top rated insurance companies.

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