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Have questions? We are here to help. If you don’t find your question listed here, contact us so we can provide answers to you now.  We understand that financial planning comes with lots of questions. That is why we are here to guide you through the process, answering all your questions along the way.

Start today by getting in touch with us.

How can a financial person help someone who’s just starting out?

When meeting with young couples, we often spend the first year helping them with simple budget counseling (helping them wrap their heads around their bills & getting them out of debt), then we help them establish an emergency fund as well as the purchase of inexpensive term life insurance to cover the debts they have should something terrible happen. Once their basic needs are met & emergency savings are in place, we then talk about investments.

How much money do I need to have before talking with a financial person?

Little or none. People will always believe they don’t have enough money to start saving, but once we dig into their financial circle, we can often find a few dollars so they can easily begin a savings plan.

I don’t know much about investments, it seems very daunting, how do I learn about investing?

You come talk with us! We first help our clients understand how money & investments work before the initial investment. We believe if our clients understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, they’ll do a better job in managing the ups & downs that inevitably happen.

What’s the best investment out there?

That question always leads to more questions, “What are you saving for? Is it an immediate need or is it a future need? How far off into the future?” If it’s an immediate need, you can’t take a lot of risk with your money. If it’s a need that’s 10 or more years away, then we can talk about investment risk. It’s all about knowing the client’s wants & needs.

How much do you charge per hour?


We do not charge our clients an hourly rate because our mission statement is: “To help our clients build & protect wealth by creating an efficient financial circle.” If the first thing we do is send you a bill, we’ve just done the opposite. We can honestly say in 60 years of doing business, we’ve never sent anyone a bill.

What do I need to do to get started?

The first thing we ask is 45-minutes of your time to show you how we help our clients. We go through our methodology & our philosophy & if it sounds like you want to take the next step, we ask that you complete our confidential questionnaire & bring it with you to our next meeting.

Do you meet with clients on a regular basis?


We believe annual reviews are extremely important, however, some clients prefer every six months & some prefer every other year.

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